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Chimney Cowls

Chimney cowls are a hood or bonnet covering for your chimney pot to help stabilize fluctuating flue draughts and also help prevent down draughts and increase the draught or draw, up the flue. Chimney cowls increase efficiency of wood burning stoves and other burning appliances, burning less fuel and saving on fuel costs. Chimney cowls are therefore a sound investment to complete any flue installation for a wood burning stove.

What Chimney Cowl Do I Need?

There are various types of chimney cowls available to suite your installation. The Hanging Cowls are for use with Flue Liner and support the weight of Flexible Chimney Liner in these installations. Simple rain caps just provide some stabilisation and protection from rain for your system. Our anti-downdraught cowls provide excellent protection from down-draughts. You can also get birdmesh chimney cowls to prevent birds from nesting over the summer months.

How to Install Cimney Cowls

Chimney cowls can be attached to your chimney pot and strap around the pot to form a tight fit. Our chimney cowls are easy to fit and effective additions to a flue system. If you need any further help with our chimney cowls range or advice on fitting chimney cowls then call: 01376 555 182