Flexible Flue Liner

Flexible chimney flue liner is used to re-line your existing chimney and should be used if your chimney stack is not solid, leaks or has a poor draw. The liner can also be used if tar is seeping through the chimney breast, or if the chimney diameter is far too large for the wood burning stove being installed.

The flue liner can just be lowered down from your chimney pot and connected to your wood burning stove via a flue liner installation kit and a length of stove pipe, which fits directly to the stove.

How to install Chimney Liner

Installing flexible chimney flue liner is relatively simple process, but one which does require access to your roof. For full instructions about how to fit a chimney flue liner, see our installation guide.

Flexible flue liner should always be fitted from the top. Before you start, secure the nose cone (order separately or in a fixing kit) onto the end of the chimney liner. Make sure the arrows on the liner are pointing away from the nose cone peice in an upward direction, so when the liner is being installed the arrows will be pointing towards the top of the chimney. once this is complete pull the flue liner down the chimney using a tool called draw string whilst having someone at the top of the chimney helping you by feeding the liner down. Once the flue liner is fitted, you must remove the nose cone.

Flexible Chimney Flue Liner from Glowing Embers

Glowing Embers is a leading supplier of flexible flue liner, which is designed to be used before installing one of our premium wood burning stoves. Not all of our stoves are suitable to be placed in a fireplace, so make sure you order the right stove before you start.

Our flexible chimney flue liners are specifically designed to be used with solid fuel, and their double skin liners make them more hardwearing. All of our flue liners come with a 10 or 20 year manufacture warranty, are HETAS approved and are tested to EN 1856-2.