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Boiler Stoves: Log Burners

To maximise the economic potential of a Wood Burner, why not install a Boiler Stove and heat your home, the radiators and the hot water?

At Glowing Embers we supply integrated back boilers and add-in boilers as well as innovative water heating technologies to match the heating and efficiency requirements of your home. By dividing their output between heat to the room and heat to the water, our Boiler Stoves allow you to accurately calculate the appropriate size burner for you.

How Do Boiler Stoves Work?

Just as the name suggests, these wood burning stoves have a rear water boiler tank which heats up as you operate the stove. By carrying the water through the tank via additional inlets and outlets, the water heats up and is distributed around your home via the plumbing system. Please seek advice from a professional plumber to calculate your exact requirements but as a rule of thumb, 1kw of heat will power a standard sized domestic radiator and 2.5/3kw should be sufficient for domestic hot water.

How to Install a Wood Burning Stove with a Boiler

For more details on installing a wood burning stove, see our installation guide. A boiler stove also needs to be plumbed in to your heating system using conventional plumbing, if you are a competant DIYer you could acheive this yourself but you can always call on your local plumber or HETAS engineer to install for you.