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Chimney Cowls

Chimney Cowls can serve many purposes from suspending a Flexible Flue Liner or preventing down draughts to neatly capping disused chimneys or keeping out the elements or local wildlife!

The proper Chimney Cowl is a sound investment as it can increase the efficiency of a wood burning stove, burning less fuel and saving on costs. Whether for decorative or practical purposes, Glowing Embers has the right Cowl for your chimney.

What Chimney Cowl Do I Need?

Here is a basic guide to the functions of the various Chimney Cowls that we supply:

Pot Hangers - For suspending Flexible Chimney Liners from...

Bonnet or Bird Guard Cowl - Protection for a used or disused chimney from rain and birds...

Anti-Downdraught Bonnet or Roto Cowl - Can improve the draw of a chimney system..

Spark Arrestor - For thatched and combustible roof surfaces...

Disused Chimney Cap - Protection for any chimney or pot not in use...

How to Install Cimney Cowls

Chimney Cowls are secured to the pot either with straps or bolts to form a tight fit. Our chimney cowls are easy to fit and effective additions to a flue system. If you need any further help with our chimney cowls range or advice on fitting chimney cowls then call: 01376 555 182