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Inset Stoves

Inset Stoves are rapidly becoming the most sought after style of multifuel stove. Designed to be set into your chimney breast they sit flush with the wall giving an elegant finish, with the appearance of a flat screen television or framed piece of art. Inset stoves are fully functional and efficient multifuel stoves so provide a great mix between style and substance.

Where can you install an inset stove?

Inset stoves are designed to be built in to a chimney breast or fireplace. They can be installed into a home without an existing chimney but you would need to construct a false wall and a twin wall flue system.

How to install an inset stove?

Installation of an inset stove is a little more involved than a standard multifuel stove as they need to be built into the chimney breast. If you do not feel comfortable with this a local builder or HETAS engineer should be able to help you. Please see our installation guide for more details about installing multifuel stoves.

If you have an questions regarding inset stoves then please do get in touch on: 01376 555 182.