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Stove Fans

At Glowing Embers we supply only genuine Caframo Eco Fans, designed to distribute the heat from a Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel stove evenly around a room to increase its efficiency.

These silent, self-powered fans are an economic addition to any log burner and will reduce the time it takes to heat your room by up to 38% and cut fuel costs by up to 18%!

Don't forget to add a Glowing Embers Stove Thermometer to your basket for the optimum performance from an Eco Fan.

Where To Place Carframo Eco Fans

It is important to read and follow the instructions on the correct placement of the Eco Fan to ensure satisfactory long term use and that your stove is working within the temperature range of best operation. The ideal position is on top of your stove beside the flue pipe and not in front of it, facing anywhere you want the heat to reach.

How Do Eco Fans Work?

Eco Fans generate their own electricity from the heat of your wood burning stove, as your stove heats up, the electricity is created, the silent fan starts to turn and directs warm air to where you are sitting.

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